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Should I Have a First Look?

During your wedding planning consult (blog post here) we talk about a lot of things and one of the most important things is, should you have a first look or not?

I will tell you that it is a personal preference and I will support any decision you and your partner make.  Some people are more traditional and can’t imagine seeing their bride or groom before they walk down the aisle.  Some people are all about “getting it over with” so that they can get rid of their anxiety and enjoy their day.

From a photography standpoint, I will say that having a first look is really nice. Why?  Because if you have your first look early in the day, then essentially get all of your photography “needs” out of the way then after your ceremony you can just relax (vs going from your ceremony to taking more family formal photos).  Most people at this point in their day want to just relax and enjoy the evening and having a first look offers you this luxury.

The other amazing thing about having a first look is that its a super private moment with your partner.  A lot of people have anxiety about seeing their partner for the first time because —-> BIG EMOTIONS in front of EVERYONE <—- so the idea of having a moment to get this anxiety clear up before your ceremony is pretty appealing to a lot of people.  You can choose to have a private look (which means I will be diligent about making sure its just you and me and my assistant).  That way you can be free to have all the emotions you want and need to have.  These emotions are what make a photograph come to life and what you will cherish seeing for years to come.

Hope this helps in making your decision!

First look at wedding

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