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Tips for Your Boudoir Session

Here are a few tips for your Boudoir Session with me!

Tips for your boudoir session

– Make sure your clothes fit you properly.  Bodysuits are really amazing on every shape and size body!  Make sure to bring a bra and panty set! Please bring multiple outfits.  We might not use them all but we want options!

– Shiny materials, thin stripes or polka dots don’t look as good on camera.  Simple is beautiful.

– If your top is sheer and you aren’t comfortable with your nipples being seen, bring nipple covers.  I say embrace the nipples!

– Stockings: If you want to wear them, do your best not to use the ones that have the “anti slip sticky” elastic on the inside. These tend to create a “leg muffin”. It’s best to use ones without so they look nice and smooth on your skin. These can be paired with a garter.

– Don’t forget to bring some killer high heels! Nude heels can go with many outfit choices. Black heels are a staple. However, anything strappy, studded or with bling is a must bring. The higher the better. Try to stay away from platform and wedges for your shoot.

– Jewelry is a great accessory for your shoot!

– Avoid the sun a week or so prior to your shoot! Tan lines aren’t sexy!  This includes tanning beds.

– Waxing is good but do it a few days before the session to avoid any irritated skin. This includes eyebrows.

– Exfoliate!

– Make sure your nails are clean and neatly trimmed. If you paint your nails, make sure you get them done before the session.  Natural nails are perfectly fine too!

– Drink lots of water before your shoot and get a good nights rest!

Things to keep in mind the day of your session:

  • Lather up with lotion!
  • Shave!
  • Come to your session with a clean makeup free face.
  • Wear loose fitting clothes and no bra or underwear (if possible) the day of the session, this way you don’t have any lines on your body.
  • If you use white deodorant, avoid it this day please.

Things to bring:
– Sexy outfits
– Amazing attitude!

I’ll supply the champagne 😉

Here are a few online shops that I recommend for amazing lingerie but also keep in mind there are local shops that have great options.  For instance Target, Lovers Package, Victoria Secret, Anthropologie (they usually have great sale items!), and local boutiques.  I’ve even had clients find some really nice vintage stuff at thrift stores!





I hope these tips for your boudoir session help you!  Keep in mind the most important thing when doing boudoir photos is to just relax and have fun!

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