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What to Consider When Booking Your Wedding Photographer

You might be asking yourself, how do I go about booking my wedding photographer?!  Here are a few tips that might help you decide!


There are a lot of different and amazing photographers out there, especially in the PNW.

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Well, looking at their individual style can really help narrow this down. Some people edit their photos with a dark moody style, some people shoot film, some people are light and airy, and some people are true to life -that’s me!-. You may hear words like, lifestyle, documentary, modern, film inspired, fine art…the list goes on. Your job is to figure out what all those words actually mean in relation to photography! Just kidding! Your job is to figure out what style fits you the best. Think beyond trends and consider what will last the test of time. When you show your grandchildren your wedding photos, what do you want them to look like?


I believe that you have to mesh with your clients to produce the best quality photos for them. Likewise, you as the client have to get along with your photographer because they will be with you for the entire day! You should think of your photographer as your friend. Make sure you get to know them before you book them. Have a coffee date with them to go over all of their package information and sit and chat with them. If you feel good around them, go for it! Another good tip is to do a session with them.

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If you feel at ease while being photographed, if you had fun, if you love the photos they produced, if you felt the communication was on point these are all good signs.


With years of experience, I feel confident knowing that I can shoot a wedding in pretty much any condition, create beautiful images, make my clients feel comfortable and deliver exceptional customer service. This is important. Don’t let your best friend who wants to be a wedding photographer take your wedding photos. Don’t let your uncles friend who is just starting out take your wedding photos.

Experience is everything.

And yes, money is a factor but your wedding photos are something that you and your family will cherish for years to come so invest where it counts. An experienced wedding photographer is worth all the money in the world.

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