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Wallace Falls Lodge | Backyard Wedding | Gold Bar, Washington

Wallace Falls Lodge is a hidden gem right at the entrance of Wallace Falls. If you haven’t been to Wallace Falls you definitely need to check it out. It’s an amazing area in Gold Bar, Washington with hikes and of course, the waterfall which is breathtaking.

My favorite kind of weddings are what I call, “backyard weddings”, where it’s is an intimate ceremony with a small group of family and friends, games in the grass, everyone sleeping over, and everyone having the time of their lives celebrating love. Wallace falls lodge is the perfect setting for this kind of wedding. You can rent out the entire lodge, have your ceremony in the grass, and party the night away under the tent.

I met Ingrid and Mark through a past bride, Kelly, who is their daughter. Ingrid and Mark have been together for 18 years – yes 18!- and they finally decided to get married! I am in love with their love story. They came together as a family and Mark became father to her five children and they all love him dearly. One of the most special moments of their wedding was listening to all of their kids get up and talk about their love and how they look up to them and want to love like them. They also commended Mark for stepping in and being a father to them when others didn’t. It was very special.

I was honored to be a part of their wedding. Now let’s get to the pictures!!


Wallace Falls Lodge Wedding-1234.jpg
Wallace Falls Lodge Wedding-1214.jpg
Wallace Falls Lodge Wedding-5759.jpg
Wallace Falls Lodge Wedding-5716.jpg
Wallace Falls Lodge Wedding-1429.jpg
Wallace Falls Lodge Wedding-1758.jpg
Wallace Falls Lodge Wedding-1898.jpg
Wallace Falls Lodge Wedding-5843.jpg
Wallace Falls Lodge Wedding-5881.jpg
Wallace Falls Lodge Wedding-2181.jpg

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